EU must fully fund climate action
May 14, 2018

EU must fully fund climate action

By EJF Staff

The European Commission published its proposal for the post-2020 EU budget this month, suggesting that 25% of the EU budget be allocated to climate action from 2021-2027. While this is an increase on the 20% that was given to climate in 2014-2020, it needs to be at least 40% to have the impact needed.

While it is heartening that the European Commission identified climate action as one of the main priorities for funding, EJF joins calls from the Climate Action Network and others for at least 40% of the budget to be spent on the decarbonisation of energy, industry and transport.

“Achieving the Paris Agreement goal of keeping global temperature rise to 1.5°C is vital to avert climate disasters even worse than those we have already seen,” says Steve Trent, Executive Director of the Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF). “Effective international cooperation and funding are needed to ensure that this goal becomes a reality. By allocating 40% of the budget, the EU would show real global leadership on climate, at the same time as boosting member states’ economies through benefits such as lower energy bills and the creation of new jobs.”

Climate change, and its human impact, is happening now. In 2016, extreme weather and climate events displaced nearly 45 people every minute. All too often it is the poorest and most vulnerable, who have contributed least to climate change, who are affected first and worst.

Reduction in emissions and a transition to a zero-carbon economy are crucial if we are to avoid further climate catastrophes, both human and environmental.

Alongside the provision of sufficient funding, EJF is calling for the EU to create an inter-agency taskforce to coordinate the work of the multiple bodies in the Commission. Bringing together Environment, Climate Action, Migration and Humanitarian Affairs, as well as Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, will drive a more effective and integrated international response to climate change.

EJF’s climate campaign

  • EJF calls on all countries to rapidly and fully implement that Paris Agreement. All efforts must be made to keep the global temperature rise below 1.5℃. Achieving and maintaining this goal is vital to protect people and planet.
  • To ensure fair treatment and support for those already suffering the impacts of climate change, the EU must adopt a clear, legal definition of climate refugees along with an international agreement to guarantee their recognition and rights.

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